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High quality of the shrimp makes the difference—and a couple of critical components seals the offer.



Add cheese? Meh. Pancetta and sausage liven it up with out trampling flavors of shrimp and grits.


It’s been about 100 episodes of Sportsman’s Kitchen due to the fact I very first featured shrimp and grits. That 2013 column was mostly about the suitable planning of the grits, and the element with shrimp was pretty much an apart. This 12 months, I’ll deal with the shrimp—and number of further improvements like pancetta and Andouille sausage.

Probably just one of the world’s most well-known seafood, shrimp are obtainable in all corners of the United States, many thanks to airplanes and freezers. But which is not to say all shrimp are established equivalent. Sizing and source are critical, as is the high-quality of the vendor.

Shrimp are sized primarily based on the variety of shrimp for every pound, head-on. The more substantial the shrimp, the increased the rate, and peeling/deveining provides to the complete you’ll shell out. 30 one to 40 depend shrimp are a mouthful and 16 to 20 or more substantial might entail a knife at the table.

Most important is the resource of your shrimp. We have all experienced individuals large, watery imported farmed shrimp at cocktail parties and have said thankful prayers for the solid horseradish laden cocktail sauce for some flavor. Be certain to check out that the shrimp you are shopping for are WILD-CAUGHT. If they’re not out there, commit your cash on some nice pork chops!

The time concerning the catch and the sale is essential, way too. There is absolutely nothing completely wrong with frozen or formerly frozen shrimp, as flash freezing is prevalent aboard bigger shrimp boats. In all situations, you will need to smell the shrimp you purchase. Any respected seller, no matter whether a seafood specialty shop or grocer, really should be to give you a absolutely free whiff. Good fresh shrimp really should scent like the sea undesirable types like ammonia. Bagged frozen shrimp are more of a crapshoot. Glance for a assertion that they are wild caught and United states sourced.

Shrimp and Grits

Serves: 4

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

shrimp n grits ingredients


    • 1 cup raw grits (would make 2 cups, cooked)
    • 4 ounces salted butter or shredded cheddar cheese
    • 3 cups drinking water and 1 cup milk
    • 1 cup chopped pancetta or thick-cut bacon
    • ½ cup pretty thinly sliced Andouille sausage
    • 1 pound wild-caught shrimp, peeled and deveined, frivolously dusted with Zatarain’s Fish-Fri
    • Scallions, chopped, for garnish



Your pick shrimp in hand, peeled and deveined, the preparing of this recipe is very clear-cut.



    1. First, cook the grits. The addition of salt, butter and milk and a extensive, gradual 30-minute simmer is essential. If you are so inclined, substitute shredded cheddar cheese for the butter. A tough evaluate of liquid to raw grits is 4 to 1.

shrimp n grits recipe

    2. Upcoming, in a frying pan, above medium heat, in a tablespoon or two of olive oil, cook dinner the pancetta and sausage right up until crisp.

shrimp n grits meats

    3. Set the cooked meats aside and sauté the frivolously breaded shrimp in the remaining body fat. Consider care not to overcook, remembering, “C’s NOT O’s” is the system for cooking shrimp.





    4. To end, spoon the meat and shrimp more than a bowl of grits, garnish with some sliced scallions and a splash of Tabasco sauce.

To Cheese or Not to Cheese (Grits)

Individually, I think folks began to incorporate cheese to grits to go over up the flavor of the grits. In the portion of Florida I grew up in (North Central), grits were served with fried fish, or with breakfast–not with cheese, but with butter, salt and black pepper. For this recipe, I believe in adding taste with the toppings, and tasting the corn flavor of the grits.

And don’t argue with me about sweet or savory hushpuppies! FS

Florida Sportsman Magazine July 2021

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