Learn Hypnosis: How to Make Someone Cluck Like a Chicken Using Hypnosis

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It’s always fun to make someone do something outrageous when they are hypnotized. The first time that I made someone cluck like a chicken when they were hypnotized I couldn’t actually believe it. But it was real and absolutely hilarious.

Now as we know hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool that changes people’s lives. People lose weight, quit smoking, stop being anxious and get over their fears and anxieties all with the power of hypnosis. But of course there is another side to hypnosis and that is a purely recreational one.

Many people come into contact with hypnosis after watching a hypnotist on stage (or on the TV). And they get people to do the silliest things. Perhaps you’ve even wondered if you too can do it. Well, I’m here to say that you can. In fact once you learn how to hypnotize people it is very easy.

You see, clucking like a chicken is just displaying hypnosis in action but in a humorous way. In fact there are a number of hypnotic phenomena’s that you can get to happen. A classic one is amnesia! In the state of hypnosis you can get someone to forget their name, numbers, places and all kind of things.

Okay, so back to getting someone to cluck like a chicken……

The first thing obviously is to get them into hypnosis, which really isn’t that difficult when you know how. Once you have done that you deepen them (that is, intensify the state of hypnosis). Once you have done that then it is time for some fun. The key here is to be relaxed about the outcome. Certain hypnotic phenomena can be more powerful in some people than in others. If you want, prior to giving the hypnotic suggestion, you may want to test a few other things such as ‘sticking eyelids’ or ‘arm levitation’. Either way you can get them to cluck like a chicken using the following (bearing in mind that their eyes are closed to start with).

You say….

“In a moment I am going to count to 3. And when I get to 3 you are going to open your eyes and we will have a conversation. But before you do, every time that I say your name, you will have the irresistible uncontrollable urge to cluck like a chicken. And when you do cluck like a chicken when I say your name, you will NOT be consciously unaware that you have done it”

Then all you do is count to 3, and mention their name a few times and try to stop yourself from laughing…
There is one thing next that you must do after the fun is over, REMOVE the suggestion and then bring them out of hypnosis. The last thing you want them doing is walking around clucking every time someone says their name.

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